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Fresh fruit bunches for palm oil whose derivatives are RBD CP 8, RBD CP 10, RBD CP 6, RBD Stearin (margarine), CPKO, PFAD, and PAO. Trunk and stems for sticks and craft materials. Empty fruit bunches which are processed into fertilizer, natural fibers in the form of yarn and woven materials, as well as paper raw materials (PULP). Processing of fresh fruit bunches produces waste, which is then processed as animal feed (Palm Oil Meal).

The remaining skin of fresh fruit is Oil Palm Shell, which is then processed as raw material for charcoal.

One of the most superior benefits of the palm is its use for palm oil for frying food. But it can also be used as a main ingredient or a fuel mixture, ingredients for making cosmetics (hair pomade, lotion, toothpaste, soaps, and shampoo), foods (oleo-margarine for butter, ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, creamer, various pastries, and biscuits), candles, oils, lubricants, paints or dyes, inks, animal food, compost, and can help cool the skin affected by burns.

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